Guitar Hero hits handhelds for first time

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Guitar Hero On Tour Video


Smash music franchise rock and rolls to the Nintendo DS this summer.

by YVG Staff

With over 64 million Nintendo DS owners in the world and a monster music game franchise like Guitar Hero (over 14 million games sold in the U.S.), it’s no wonder Activision is giving living room rockers a chance to take their show on the road. Available this summer, Guitar Hero: On Tour brings the series’ fret-burning fun exclusively to Nintendo portable game system.

And that includes the guitar — sort of. Rather than make you haul a big plastic axe everyone you go, Guitar Hero: On Tour comes equipped with a space-saving new peripheral called the Guitar Grip that effectively simulates the guitar controller used in the console games. Simply plug it into the DS and you’ve got four familiar colored fret buttons to work with. The game also ships with a custom-made guitar pick stylus, allowing players to essentially “strum” the DS touch screen.

Guitar Hero On Tour Grip

Over 20 songs will ship with Guitar Hero: On Tour, including tracks by such bands as OK Go and No Doubt. No other groups have been confirmed so far, though Activision has stated that most of the songs will be exclusive to Guitar Hero: On Tour and over 80 percent will be master recordings rather than sound-alikes.

Activision also announced a few multiplayer modes, including a new “Guitar Duel” mode that will allow two players in the same room to wail against one another in a head-to-head rock-off. Players will be able to use power-ups similar to the ones featured in Guitar Hero III, but tailored to suit the technical capabilities of the DS. For example, you’ll be able to set another player’s guitar on fire and score big points while they frantically blow into the DS microphone to put it out.

For more dirt on this pocket-sized powerhouse, check out our exclusive producer interview or watch the awesome launch trailer!

Posted: 19 Mar 2008